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Nothing heats up the winter menu on Hilton Head Island like Chamber Restaurant Week, which brings local diners out in droves to enjoy value-priced menus at their favorite eateries or explore new ones.

Chamber Restaurant Week returns for the eighth year from Jan. 23-30 with a wide array of Lowcountry restaurants participating in hopes of filling their dining rooms during the island’s quieter season. For one week every January, local restaurants put the offseason on the back-burner as business picks up to levels typically expected only during the high tourism season. 

We know kale is the “It” green right now, and we do love it, but there are a variety of other delicious and nutritious leafy greens available this time of year that are worth checking out.

Beet greens, chard, mustard greens, collards, sorrel, bok choy — the list goes on and on.

peansriceA Southern dish of peas and rice. Here in the Lowcountry, it is made with black-eyed peas or field peas and rice, chopped onion and sliced bacon and seasoned with salt.

Keep the age-old tradition of leaving a plate of cookies alive and well - Santa and his reindeer require a lot of calories to make their rounds! And Santa has made it pretty clear that he and his crew prefer home-made cookies…and don't forget the glass of milk! To add believability to the Christmas morning discovery, sprinkle a little flour next to the cookies on the windowsill or hearth (Santa’s obvious points of entry), then make imprints that look like reindeer hooves. This is very convincing and will remove any skepticism from suspecting children.

Shake it up this year and introduce some delicious new traditions.

I have never met a fungi I didn't love. Mushrooms are the underdog of the culinary world, yet are also the unsung heroes and champions of flavor. They are truly humble and willing to take a backseat to the star of the dish, from roasts to risottos, to pizzas and pastas.

There's one well-known exception and that is the truffle – it trumps all and it knows it. But there’s a new contender to the fungi throne, because the lesser known matsutake (pronounced “maht soo tah keh”), also known as the “pine mushroom,” is beginning to command a loyal following (not to mention a pretty steep price).


Many restaurants, in addition to the ones listed below, are offering prix-fixe and special dinner menus to kick off the New Year and New Year’s Day. Please note that reservations are required at most restaurants. Please contact each venue for pricing and full details.

Drinking Champagne2

When it comes to choosing bubbly, the educated staff at Rollers can offer advice and has an extensive selection. Ridgely Knight, assistant to wine at Rollers Wine & Spirits, recommends the Champagnes and sparkling wines below for every budget from France and California to ring in the New Year!

Drinking ChampagneIn the mood for a little holiday magic? Float a kumquat in Champagne and it slowly spins around and around! Unlike both red and white wines which should not be served too chilled, Champagne must be served well-chilled, between 45°-50°F is ideal - tepid Champagne is nothing to celebrate. To quickly chill down a bottle of Champagne, fill an ice bucket with equal amounts of ice cubes and water and let it chill for 30 minutes, otherwise refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

‘Tis the season for comfort food. Here’s what a few of the area’s top bakers are serving.