NAME: Connie Inggs
TITLE: Co-owner of Caretta Coffee Co. 

Question: Caretta Coffee has been open for several months now. How has business been? 

Answer: Business has been amazing! Of course, since Hurricane Matthew, it has slowed down tremendously.

carretacoffee3Q: What is the inspiration behind your coffee shop? 

A: To serve guests like I do in my own home. This is my new home now, and I want to give back to the community, including our vets and the Coastal Discovery Museum, as well as to mentor high schoolers who want to learn how to start their own businesses.

Q: What suppliers do you use? 

A: We use local South Carolina-certified products when possible, and bake our own goods here as well. We use local dairy for our milk as well.

Q: What do you feel makes you unique? 

A: Our products are the very best in a very casual atmosphere that is similar to your own home. 

Q: If a coffee lover walked up to your counter for the first time, what would you recommend?  

A: I would narrow down for them espresso or coffee, then hot or iced, then sweet or not sweet, then what type of milk, then mix them up one of the best beverages for them. 

Q: What is something people may not know about Caretta Coffee? 

carretacoffee2A: We use non-homogenized milk from a local dairy. We love people and we love good food, wine and beer, and coffee and smoothies. We love giving back.

Q: Many coffee shops close after lunch, but you are open late. Why? 

A: We offer handmade smoothies, sandwiches, wine and beer and feel our guests deserve to have that anytime.

Q: In addition to coffee, you offer international wines and local beers. What are your favorites?  

A: My favorites, of course, are my South African wines. But maybe that’s because my husband is South African.

Q: What are your plans for the future? 

A: We plan to grow and to do catering and private parties here at the Coligny Plaza location, and also open some additional locations so that we may continue to serve others in areas that may not be getting five-star products and services.