Title: Executive chef, Charbar Co.

Question: Who taught you how to cook?

Answer: I spent a lot of time watching my family cook growing up. Mom cooked dinner every night with my dad on the grill. When the whole family got together, everyone was doing something for the meal. The kitchen was always the place to be.

Scott Bodkin2

Q: Favorite thing about being a chef?

A: Having the privilege to take different ingredients and create memorable experiences for my guests.

Q: Least favorite thing about being a chef?

A: The biggest downside to this business is the time spent away from my family.

Q: What is the secret to making a good burger?

A: I’d say the biggest secret is being properly prepped and ready for execution. Mise en place!

Q: Are you a grass-fed or a grain-fed guy?

A: I’m a fan of both. They’re different in unique and subtle ways from texture to taste, but if I had to choose one, I’d say grain-fed.

Q: Will you be adding any new items to the menu?

A: We just added 14 new items to the menu that have been selling very well. The menu has almost doubled, giving our guests a new experience at their favorite burger joint.

Q: What is your favorite music to cook to?

A: This honestly depends upon the time of day and tempo of service. Some mornings start with reggae for a more relaxing vibe, or on crazy prep days, I want loud, fast beats like Lil Wayne, Eminem and Rick Ross. Nights are always upbeat with loud, quick beats that we all just hustle to.

Q: What is your go-to burger on the menu?

A: I’d have to say I inherited some winners from chef Charles Pejeau. My favorite would be the Dirty South. Of the new items I created, it would have to be the Smokin’ Blues Burger. It’s my grandmother’s barbecue sauce that I put my spin on: Red pepper jelly, our signature blend beef, pepper jack cheese, onion rings, topped with our in-house smoked pulled pork.

Q: Who is the most famous person you’ve cooked for?

A: My son. He's my all-star. He loves food and tries everything I cook for him. I can’t wait for him to get older and cook with me in the kitchen.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of the kitchen?

A: I love being home with my family. They are my rock. Listening to loud music and the occasional disc golf round make for a perfect day.