HOMETOWN: Norristown, Pennsylvania
JOB: Executive chef and chief operating officer at OMBRA Cucina Rustica

QUESTION: What is your comfort food?
ANSWER: Sandwiches.

Q: Who was your greatest cooking influence?
A: My grandmother, Victoria Vernacchio.

Q: What would you want your last meal to be? 
A: Tagliatelle with fresh white Alba truffles.

Q: Other than Italian, what’s your favorite ethnic cuisine? 
A: Japanese sushi rolls.

Q: If you had to eat at a local restaurant other than your own, where would you go?
A: Hinoki, once a week!

Q: What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? 
A: White and black truffles.

Michael JacksonQ: What’s your favorite music to cook by? 
A: Michael Jackson and Jay Z.

Q: What celebrity you would love to cook dinner for?
A: Pope Francis.

Q: Best midnight snack? 
A: Grilled cheese made by my son Laer.

zenatoQ: What is your favorite brand of wine? 
A: Zenato, especially their Amarone Riserva.

Q: How do you make your marinara sauce? 
A: Minced onion, bay leaf, olive oil, whole peeled plum tomatoes.

Q: Other than cooking, what are your hobbies?
A: Laying on the beach with my wife and six sons.

Q: Best thing about being a chef?
A: Making people smile through food.

Q: Worst thing about being a chef? 
A: Working on holidays.

gogurtQ: Five things that can always be found in your fridge at home: 
A: Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, Go-Gurt, juice boxes and lots of wine. I have six kids, what do you expect?