What Happened To Sunday and The Attempt To Forever Paint Friday Black?

Last Call

marcfrey150The news that Amazon, the largest Internet retailer, and the U.S. post office are collaborating to make Sunday delivery of packages a reality in an attempt to forever paint every Friday black (order on Friday, deliver on Sunday) might in itself seem trivial. Just another spoke in the wheel to make it possible to always shop, always consume, always be inundated with marketing plots, in a never-ending quest to squeeze out the last ounce of profit and the titanic fight for market share taking shamelessly advantage of our conveniencedriven habits.

It however prompted me to contemplate a bigger question.

It all started with a friend reminding me that without inner peace, life has no meaning. “How right he is,” I thought.

Contrasting his wisdom against what is reality for most American households made me ask the question, “Have we forgotten the original meaning of Sunday?”

sundayIf we live in a 24/7 world, where all lines between work and rest are blurred, where we can no longer distinguish between being online or offl ine, where FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) reigns supreme and we have developed this insatiable need to be constantly entertained, where we take it for granted that everything is available at any given day or time, where night becomes day and day becomes night, the noise and chatter never stops and nothing much seems to make sense…

In such a world, I have only one question: When do we take the time to find our inner peace? I have found that your doctor can’t prescribe “Inner Peace,” it will not arrive at your doorstep delivered in a neat package, there is no drive-thru window for “Instant Happiness” and not even Santa Claus will drop it down the chimney, even if you wished upon it. Inner peace takes the courage to press the Stop button!

…Then face the long, silent and arduous moments that follow; prepare for a passage with an uncertain outcome and know that like every goal worth achieving, it takes unwavering commitment and accept that the journey might never feel complete but is worth taking every step along the way.

Happy Holidays and wishing that we all found more time in 2014 to pursue our inner peace!

*(In some religions Friday or Saturday are more important, but that is not the point. The point is that any day of the week could make for a good Sunday. The day where we appreciate the Sun, symbolic for life, and who created it).

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