Please help envision the future of your community

Last Call

I have been asked to give a speech Jan. 20 on the “Risks and Opportunities for the Next Decade for an Island Community,” as part of a speaker series organized by the Heritage Library and Coastal Discovery Museum entitled “Hilton Head in the Modern Era.” (See the ad on page 142).

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But I need your help. I would like your input on the current state of our community as well as its future. You can e-mail me directly or take our online survey at
The results of this collective effort will not only influence my presentation, but will also be published in a future issue of Monthly. The brightest idea will win the MONTHLY Community Innovation Award, a yearly award judged by the editorial staff of this magazine for the best new ideas, solutions or initiative that could improve the quality of life in our community.
It is vital that I take into consideration as many voices as possible since I hope the resulting presentation will influence the way we think, plan and act on the future of our community.
A town is a breathing and living system that is just as much subject to change as any other entity. It’s quite complex and made up of many parts that interact with each other, but ultimately it is a decisive part of what makes up our quality of life. A town also has an image and reputation, which we could refer to as a brand because it influences a number of things, including things like real estate values. As with any brand, its brand equity is either increasing or decreasing in value.
Think of the Lowcountry when you first visited or moved here and how it has changed since then. Now try projecting forward a decade or two. What are some of the things you envision that should be improved or need to change? Do you think Hilton Head or Bluffton are prepared for the rapid changes the future will bring? Think of technology, aging, environment, growth, etc.
How would you rate the quality of life in Bluffton or on Hilton Head? Is the community living up to the expectations you had? How would you rate the environment, transportation, housing, safety, education, health care, employment or business opportunities, the cost of living, recreation, the arts, the people you meet, etc.?
Take a few minutes to answer these questions and send us your wish list and suggestions for solutions for the future. After all, there is no such thing as A community, we collectively ARE the community, and key decision makers across a vast spectrum will be paying attention to the direction we take.
And yes, please come to the event. It’s a fundraiser for two very important nonprofit organizations that are vital to document and showcase the rich history of the Lowcountry.


If you go:
What: Personal Perspectives: Risks and Opportunities in the Next Decade for an Island Community
When: 5:30 p.m. Wine reception, 6 p.m. Talk; Jan. 20
Where: Coligny Theater
Reservations: 843-686-6560 or 843-689-6767, ext. 223


*In the next issue we will give David Bennett the opportunity to speak for himself

Please send your comments to I would like to get your feedback on this idea.