BIG thinking makes for a BIG October

Last Call

marcfrey150A few month back I wrote that we need BIG thinking and bold decision-making in order to strengthen our community and our brand.

T his month I want to call attention to three events that serve as prime examples of this kind of thinking, the kind that can propel a community such as ours from an ordinary seaside resort to a world-class community.

The three events are the Public Outdoor Art Exhibition at Honey Horn Plantation, Imagination 2013 at the same venue and the Concours d’Elegance, which this year is around the clubhouse at Port Royal Golf Club.

Believe me when I say you don’t have to be art lover, a car enthusiast or have an intellectually curious mind to attend any of these or better all three events. If you live in the Lowcountry or are visiting here, you simply owe it to yourself to discover them. It will make you feel alive and you will come away with a positive experience.

bigimageWhat connects these events is that each started with an idea that grew into a vision -- to enrich our lives, and in return, make the great place we live even better. The events also give visitors a good reason to make us their favorite fall destination.

It is hard to comprehend how many thousands of hours of thinking and hard labor go into turning a BIG thought into a reality.

The list of people and talent it takes to plan, stage and run these events exceeds the capacity of this page but the hundreds of individuals that are contributing to their success all need to be congratulated for the energy and passion they are contributing to these projects and realize that they are indeed making a difference!

The Concours is now in its 12th year and has already achieved world-class status; but it took enormous courage and foresight to realize that in order to reach its full potential, a bold move to a new venue was necessary. It is this type of thinking that is exemplary of great organizations and I hope more institutions and policy makers will follow this example. It represents the essence of what can propel us forward to a better future.

The Public Outdoor Art Exhibition is only making its second appearance but I can say with confidence that it is stunning, by any city’s standards. Thirteen artists from far and near have mind-bending sculptures placed among the background of iconic oak trees which makes for a truly special exhibit. Imagination 2013, organized by the Hilton Head Island Institute, is in its first year bringing great minds to the Lowcountry and giving us an opportunity to sharpen our thinking.

Hopefully the event gets off to a great start and will become an annual Lowcountry tradition.

These endeavours help expand our image from a beach and golf resort to the culturally diversified community that we are. Hilton Head Island and Bluffton will always be a tad more eclectic than similar seaside towns on the East Coast. That is precisely the reason why we love to live here.