Last Call

Imagine that we would accept our differences in ideology and cooperate on the basis that we share the same biology. Imagine that instead of the short-term gain for one, we would plan for the long-term benefit for all.

Imagine that following the lessons of World War II, we would agree to ban nuclear-powered weaponry. Imagine that instead of engaging in cyber warfare, we focus on finding solutions to real-world affairs.

Imagine that instead of deploying deception we would fight for the truth. Imagine that we would treat access to the Internet as a commodity, instead of exploiting our personal data to pay for a monopoly.

Imagine that everyone paid their fair share of taxes instead of hiding their stashes. Imagine that CEOs used ethics to benefit Main Street, not just Wall Street.

Imagine that we stop admiring celebrities, for the purpose of their personal vain or political gain. Imagine that we could curb greed and the need to hoard possessions.

Imagine that we stop trafficking humans, exploit children and end forced labor. Imagine that we would learn not to be biased towards race and gender, and instead of repressing our capabilities we would celebrate our abilities.

Imagine that we use science to save the planet, instead of flying to space or escape to the meta verse.

Imagine where your heart would be, if we worked together across all restrictions for the goal to achieve sustainable living conditions.

Imagine that instead of feeling helpless, we realize that we have a voice, and rather than being silent, we all rise to demand integrity. It is our motherland, our children’s future, honestly.


The above text was written while Russia invaded Ukraine and inspired by two popular songs: “Imagine” was written and performed in 1971 by John Lennon during the Vietnam War. “Russians” (love their children too) was written and performed in 1985 by Sting during the then-dominant Cold War foreign policy and doctrine of mutual assured destruction (MAD) by the United States and the then-existing Soviet Union.