In 2017, illuminate your own lighthouses

Last Call

After sailing through the night, the flash of a lighthouse signaled hope for a safe passage to the chartered destination. For centuries, lighthouses helped sailors reach safe harbor. 

In a world that at times can feel dark and uncertain, it is more important than ever that we know how to plot our own courses and navigate ourselves and our loved ones to safe ports. How do you overcome the daily stress imposed on you by an environment that is full of noise, chaos, hatred and anxiety?

The plan is quite simple: Come to your own senses and light up your imaginary lighthouses to guide you on your journey.

Coming to your own senses requires finding a quiet place and finding your inner voice. There are countless ways to find your quiet place: go for a walk, attend church, read a book, do yoga. But most importantly, practice the art of tuning out the constant barrage of news (and yes, some is fake), useless opinions, and marketing hype. Start asking questions of who you are and where you want to be and most importantly what you believe in. Create a filter made up of your core values and pass everything you encounter and all decisions through this filter. Let’s say that certainty is one of your core values; the things you embrace would be quite different than if you valued adventure as a higher priority.

Lighting up a lighthouse is more than setting goals. Lighthouses continue to shine and show the way on our journey through life. Losing 10 pounds in 60 days is setting a goal, but altering your diet to lower your cholesterol is lighting up a lighthouse. There is no limit to how many lighthouses you can light up. Imagine a coastline full of the waypoints you have set. As you sail up and down the coast you will never get lost again. This is quite a powerful and reassuring feeling that will empower you.


Marc Frey

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