At the helm June 2021

At the Helm

sasha1Passing the Torch...

After a quarter of century at the helm of Monthly it is time to pass on the joy and responsibility of leading the magazine to a new generation. 

Luckily, over the years two very capable women grew into leadership positions in our company and have already proven that new energy and fresh thinking is a good thing. 

It therefore made sense to name them co-publishers and let them take over the helm starting with the July issue. 

Sasha Sweeney, who attended graduate school at SCAD, started as graphic designer many years ago. 

Her impeccable judgment, uncanny ability to coordinate complex production cycles combined with her balanced views and wisdom made her an obvious choice to become the Senior Creative Director before she became part of the management team. 

With a degree in dance and professional experience as a Montessori teacher, Meredith DiMuzio was new to the media world when she joined Frey Media. She learned quickly and never shied away from leading a project. 

Her drive and steadfast ability to make the right decisions and ease of representing all of our brands allowed her to become the Director of Sales and eventually part of the leadership team. 

Both of these leading ladies have strong roots in the community. They balance motherhood and professionalism and don’t panic under pressure. 

anuskaMy husband, Marc, and I feel very confident that they will make great things happen for our media platform, which has grown from modest roots to become the leading voice in the Lowcountry, connecting residents across all ages. 

This will give us the ability to travel more and visit with family and friends in Europe. 

As we look forward to Sasha and Meredith’s leadership, we invite you to enjoy our June issue. 

We hope you keep Monthly on hand as you enjoy a summer of fun. 

Thank you for inviting us into your lives.