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At the Helm

Every month, the tagline “Your Voice” is an integral part of the cover  design for Hilton Head Monthly and Bluffton Monthly. This is more than just a catchy slogan. We strive to be the heart and soul of the Lowcountry’s identity and culture, and to accurately reflect what’s going on around town. By celebrating local life in all its facets and showcasing the community’s vibrant diversity, we bring people, places and causes together. 

Our mission is to foster a vital sense of place in a world that is awash with biased and superficial information.

The entire Monthly team believes that professional local journalism is an essential force in our democracy. Throughout the U.S., newspapers have cut reporters and editors, greatly diminishing their capacity to meaningfully cover the news that’s important to local residents. Monthly helps to fill this void.

Local news is as popular as ever, evidenced by the fact that our print and online presence reaches more than 1 million readers a year who live here or have connections to the Lowcountry from afar. We are thrilled that our engaged aucdience recognizes that local stories matter.

Without good local journalism, we wouldn’t:

  • Understand the history, the present and the outlook for the future.
  • Be exposed to different points of view about political and social arguments.
  • Know how our tax dollars are being spent.
  • Learn about the many positive things happening locally.

Good storytelling requires attentive listening to diverse sources, detailed examination of data and close observation. It takes time and skill, and involves the support of readers, local officials and business and not-forprofit leaders, plus contributing writers and photographers who not only live in the community but deeply care about it.

Monthly can’t survive without the business community’s support through advertising. We can’t do it without you, and we thank you for recognizing that there is no substitute for locally produced news. You play a vital role in making our community a great place to live, work, serve and enjoy.

We are thankful for all of you who are connected to us. We wish you the very best for the holidays and a successful 2019!

The Team at Frey Media

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