Focus on the Family: MONTHLY GETS SETTLED

At the Helm

anuskafreyDear Reader,
As this issue hits the streets, we’re getting settled in our new offices on Westbury Parkway in Bluffton. We’re excited about our new location in the heart of the Lowcountry. But please know that our team members still will be on Hilton Head every day, to serve your needs and keep their fingers on the pulse of the island.

This month, we explore the theme of family, with an emphasis on seniors, and children going back to school. Pets are also a part of the family, and more than 130 competed in our annual “Cutest Pet” contest. We received photos of cats, parrots, squirrels and lots of dogs. In more than a decade of this contest, this is the first time we’ve gotten a photo of a dog using a leaf blower. The 2017 Cutest Pet of the Lowcountry is Sable, a six-month-old Doxipoo owned by Lora and Sunny Rogers of Bluffton. Check out his picture and the photos of the other finalists on pages 50-53 and on our Facebook page.

We also have two special features about real estate this month. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Lowcountry, be sure to check out our real estate profile section. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about a remodel, our home and garden before-andafters are a great place to find inspiration.

Fearless GirlThis month’s contest is a little more serious, but still fun: we’re showcasing “Fearless Girls” who live in the Lowcountry. Kristen Visbal’s iconic bronze sculpture in Manhattan’s Financial District depicts a girl staring down the Wall Street bull. It was installed on March 7, 2017 (the day before International Women’s Day). Fearless Girl2With her hands in fists on her hips and her chin lifted defiantly, Fearless Girl is a symbol of bravery in our uncertain times. And it has inspired many to adopt the same pose.

Submit a photo of your fearless girl on our Facebook page and tell us her name and in 50 words or less why she should win. To enter, a trip to New York City isn’t necessary—snap a picture anywhere. We’ll post the photos on Facebook and readers will pick the one that most resembles “Fearless Girl.” Deadline for submissions is Aug. 10. Vote on Facebook from Aug. 11-15. Submit photos to

Looking ahead, we’re preparing our annual City Guide. In addition to gathering facts and interviewing local leaders, we’re crowd sourcing part of it—so we need you. Please go to our Facebook page and answer this question: “To make Hilton Head and Bluffton the best communities they can be, what’s one thing we need?” We’ll publish your answers in the next issue. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.