Online Ads: Nuisance or Necessary?

How many of you have ever seen a digital ad while poking around the Internet?

Silly question, right?

If you haven’t, well, you need to stop carving your house out of ice blocks with a sharpened walrus tusk and go purchase some technology.

Digital advertising usually gets a bad rap these days as it is seen as invasive, annoying and sometimes creepy. So why do so many businesses spend more and more money on these types of ads year after year?

This is not a silly question.

With the average American spending nearly 6 hours a day online, including more than three hours on a mobile device, according to, it makes sense for businesses to want to have their message on those screens.

Enter TDA, or targeted display advertising.

The Internet is huge. So huge that advertising on it demands a new approach. It just so happens that approach allows advertising to be centered on the user and not the product or service being advertised. Instead of randomly selecting an ad to show to the user, TDA presents an ad that is relevant to the user's interests. This is why when you start looking for something online, you start to see ads for a whole lot of very similar products, all of them trying to gain you as a customer.

It’s no secret that the Internet knows more about you than you think. Some people don’t like to believe this, but it is true. With everything from Facebook profiles, search engine history, cookies, geo location services, mailing lists, public records, LinkedIn accounts, tax records, internet purchase history and much more, all of which is stored online, you can start to understand how the Internet can possibly know so much about you. All these things give businesses a wealth of information on potential customers that they can use to their advertising advantage. Capitalism at its finest.

TDA makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses because it affords virtually no waste. A business’ ad will be seen by only the people the business chooses, for the most part. And in today's budget-conscious world, waste is bad, optimized money is good, and return on investment on an ad campaign is very good.

So next time you’re surfing the Web and you start to see ads, remember these things:  You are always in control of what ads you are shown. (Ever notice that blue triangle in the upper right-hand corner of an ad? Try clicking it once.) Digital ads are what keep most content on the Internet free, and finally, those ads are businesses’ way of saying they want you as a customer.

I hope now, after reading this, that you can surf and enjoy the Web and look over your digital shoulder a bit less often.

To learn more about TDA and how it can benefit your business, reach out to your Monthly sales rep today. We have the most advanced, efficient and affordable solutions in the area.