Letters to Santa


Second grade students from Ms. Rea Colella’s class at Michael C. Riley Elementary School in Bluffton responded to our call for letters to Santa.



Santa’s Helper

Bella MillerI’m Bella Miller, and I’m a homeschooled 13-year-old student who lives in Bluffton. I’m interested in journalism because I love to write, and I enjoy interacting with people and hearing their stories. I enjoyed this Santa project because I got to experience the complete publishing process from start to finish. I also loved seeing the sweet letters and drawings the students submitted.

Editor’s note: At Monthly, we regularly work with interns of college age, but this is the first time an eighth grader approached us about partnering. Bella Miller did a great job with this project and we were lucky to have her help.

Special thanks to: Mrs. Colella and Kenslee Zimmerman, Jonathan Montelongo, Jillian Spencer, Lizette Roldan, Armando Guerrero, Derek Molina, Annabella Allenberg, Vanessa Martinez, Amelia Beggs and Layla