The lowly water heater gets a radical new design.

The New Dawn of Solar PowerIt was a time not unlike our own. The economy was ailing, oil prices had spiked, and a Democratic president was espousing the virtues of renewable energy.

Solar panels on rooftops were as common as bellbottoms. While the jeans kept us hip, the solar panels disappointed. Not only were they expensive, they didn’t really work.

But that was 30 years ago, back in the Age of Disco.

Thanks Mom!Monthly salutes all the moms out there who through sacrifice, perseverance and love have raised their offspring to be people they can be proud of. Working single moms especially bear an extra burden, often stigmatized by society.

Here we present four single moms who defy the stereotype, juggling the demands of everyday life while making their kids their first priority.


Paula Magrini

Shared loss binds mother and son together

Since Paula Magrini was a little girl, she thought — no, she knew — she and her future husband would fall madly in love and would live happily ever after, just like her parents. Never in Paula’s storybook fantasies was she a single mother.

Paula met her dream man, Leo Magrini, in her late 20s, right on schedule. Like most couples, Paula and Leo had big plans. Paula, a former news anchor, thought she would one day cover Leo on his political campaign trail.

But life has a strange way of not always cooperating with dreams.

Hot health careers are in high demand now.

Colleges are offering new degree programs to meet the demand for workers in the fi eld of healthcare.MEDICAL RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL advancements and a population that is living longer are all reasons that the health care field continues to grow. Although the industry is demanding more workers, there isn’t enough space in training programs to accommodate the numbers of students who are interested.

Thousands of potential students are turned away each semester due to faculty shortages and limited class size. If you find yourself on a waiting list to get into a health care program, consider your options. There are many new jobs that are emerging in this ever-changing field each year, and to meet this demand, colleges are offering new degree programs.

Here are some new health care degrees that are projected to be in high demand in 2009 and beyond:

Dressed for SuccessSalty Dog to serve up uniforms for Beaufort County students.

THE SALTY DOG IS GOING TO school this year but Jake the dog has to stay home.

For the first time since Beaufort County’s school uniform policy began, approved shirts, shorts, pants and sweaters are available through the Salty Dog store and Web site.

And other than school-specific insignias, no logos are permitted by the Beaufort County School District dress code.

“The school district contacted us about providing uniform items, since we start with blank clothing before we add the Salty Dog logo,” said Stuart Booth, senior vice president for the Salty Dog. “Apparently, it’s difficult to find items that have no logos at all.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND Mayor Tom PeeplesStarting in 2007, town Council made flexible changes to the Land Management Ordinance (LMO) to encourage redevelopment that will continue to make our island a viable, vibrant community.

Here are some examples of these changes:

Redevelopment Floating Zone

This amendment created a process for an applicant to go through to redevelop an existing nonconforming site (a legally established site but no longer because of LMO changes) without the need for full compliance with LMO. In addition to grandfathering nonconforming density, it also provides a great deal of fexibility in site design with relief from a number of standards such as bufers, impervious coverage and parking.

Do You Know Your Insurance IQ?KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR BEST policy when it comes to insurance — especially in these difficult economic times. Consumers need to be sure that they understand what their insurance policies cover.

By making careful, informed decisions about their insurance, South Carolinians can save money and ensure long-term protection for themselves and their families.

Recently, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) conducted a survey to better understand adults’ knowledge of their insurance plans.

On average, consumers scored only four out of 10 questions correct on the Insurance IQ survey,

Less than half of those surveyed knew that if they leave their job and select the federal Consolidated Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) to continue their health benefits, they must pay full cost of the coverage. However, 58 percent are aware that health insurance will not cover their living expenses if they were to become disabled and unable to perform their job duties.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed knew that the amount of life insurance typically recommended for individuals is five to seven times your annual salary; 29 percent believe two to four times an annual salary is recommended and almost 40 percent simply did not know.

Finding success with conductive education.

Benjamin PerryOne step at a time is the underlying principle at The GRACE Center — building small yet big accomplishments through conductive education to help students with motor disabilities achieve independence.

These words are nothing short of miraculous to the families that come here.

Seven-year old Gabrielle Padgett’s mother, Melony, found the center through the Internet. Today, her grandmother brings her twice a week for three-hour sessions.

“For Gabrielle, it has been phenomenal,” said Pam Padgett. “For us, it has been a godsend.”