Latest Local Reads


As summer comes to a close and the final books are crossed off summer reading lists, you may find yourself looking for one last book to read. What better way to consume your last few weeks of summer than by picking up a unique and relatable book? Considering a book from a local author may help you get your final reading fix for the summer, and help you learn more about the history of the place you call home. These books may be found at local bookstores, at Barnes & Noble or online at

“Untying The Moon”
By Ellen Malphrus

Bailey Martin is a child of the South Carolina Lowcountry tides, being pulled to and from a reckoning with destiny. A marine biologist and artist, Bailey is a woman of contradictions, at once a free-spirited adventurer giving deeply of herself to environmental causes and family loyalties but also consumed by primal, isolating appetites and dangerous attractions. Restless and troubled, Bailey chafes at her existence, becoming uneasy in her success, her life and her own skin.


“Blossom: Confession of a Child of War” 
By Njomza Kryeziu

Follow a 5-year-old girl caught up in the Serbian invasion of Kosovo in 1999. The incredible story recounts her amazing and traumatic experiences both during the war and after it ended, when she relocated to the U.S. Don’t miss this young woman's incredible story. Njomza Kryeziu and her family were chased from their home, living on the run as Serbia invaded her country. She writes about the difficult choices that her family made just to stay alive — how they survived a death train and living among horror after Njomza was abducted. This incredible young woman's resilience, strength and character led her to fashion a life of purpose, meaning — and forgiveness.


“Art & Craft: Thirty Years on the Literary Beat”
By Bill Thompson

This collection contains three decades of Bill Thompson’s book review career with The Post & Courier in Charleston. The book consists of interviews with distinguished novelists and nonfiction writers in America and abroad, including Tom Wolfe, Pat Conroy, Joyce Carol Oates, Anthony Bourdain and many more. It consists of 10 thematic sections ranging from the Southern Renaissance and Civil War history to biography and travel and even crime fiction. It also includes a section of Thompson’s distinct reviews.


“Good Morning… Good Night: 99 Days to Your Spiritual Recovery”
By Deb Copeland

This book depicts the obstacles and disappointments we encounter in our lives. We may not know what the future holds, but we can rest in knowing who holds our future. Life will always throw challenges at you, but this book aims to show you that you can turn your life around and find happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and success. It is all about the attitude you wear. The book was written to help adults deal with their problems and bring God’s message to those who need it. If life has thrown challenges at you or you feel you are carrying the world on your shoulders and can’t seem to find the right answers, this book may be just what you’re looking for.