Cutest Kids 2017


The people have spoken. The winner of Monthly’s 2017 Cutest Kid Contest is Lily Caroline Collins. This year’s contest took place on our Facebook page. We asked people to “like” our page and then “like” the photo they thought was the cutest. In just 15 days, more than 12,500 “likes” were cast. Lily racked up the most with more than 1,000 “likes.”

Name: Lily Caroline Collins
Age: 2; born March 26, 2015, at Hilton Head Hospital
Town: Okatie
Mom: Vanessa Collins
Dad: George Collins Jr.
Brother: Nathan Collins
Grandparents: Nana lives in Hardeeville and Moeke and Vake live in Antwerp, Belgium.
Favorite food: Lily loves all food. If she sees you eating, she comes running because she wants it. Her favorite drink is milk. Her Belgian side loves chocolate. 
Favorite word: Nathan; she loves her big brother to the moon and back. He's her most favorite person in the world.
Favorite hobbies: She loves to sing and dance, watch “Ellen” and create art.
Other details: She is a funny, sweet, lovable, super smart little girl, just like her big brother, who is in the gifted program, and she speaks three languages. She is half Belgian, half American and being raised bilingual. She is obsessed with puppies. “Blues Clues” is her favorite show on TV. She loves to FaceTime with Moeke and Vake in Belgium. She loves to rock out in the car with Nathan to "We Will Rock You" by Queen. Her eyes are just mesmerizing blue. She already knows the alphabet and can count to 15. When we watch “Ellen” on TV and she starts to dance, Lily tells all of us to get up and dance. She wraps everyone she meets around her little finger. She loves watching the video “La Vaca Lola.”

Find all entries on our Facebook page. Thanks to all who entered and all who voted!