Lori Goodridge-CribbBefore sitting down to dive into the June issue of Monthly, make sure you reserve tons of reading time. As the production of this issue moved forward, I kept hearing Jeff, our editor, talk about how much we had planned for June — words that always make a publisher happy!

First and foremost, this issue is dedicated to the beginning of summer. But how cool is that pirate cover? Don’t be scared — these are friendly pirates and taking one of the pirate adventure tours offered on Hilton Head is a great way to have some family fun this summer. But to add to the pirate fun (and possibly capitalize on any sequels that opened recently), we’ve launched our own Turtle Treasure Challenge. Details are on page 14, but the short version is this: Find seven little turtles in this issue, two on hiltonheadmonthly.com and one on Pirates of Hilton Head’s Facebook page and you could win great treasures, including a $100 gift certificate at the Jazz Corner and a free family trip on a Pirates of Hilton Head cruise.